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I am Alex. I am passionate about mountains. People often ask me what it is about "climbing mountains" that motivates what I do. This is not an easy question to answer in brief terms. But hey! Let's try. First and foremost, it is the sense of adventure, particularly in winter. The sensations of entering a world that is other, uncontrolled, spectacular and unpredictable are hard to resist.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, mountainous regions are stunning. The sublime airiness of a narrow mountain ridge, the adrenaline rush of an involved scramble or climb, the satisfaction of achieveing the goal of a summit, these are the stuff that quality mountain days are made of. Then there is all the folklore and history that surrounds these special places, tales of endurance and heroism, tragedy and jubilation.

And so, this passion needs an outlet. I enjoy making films about my mountain adventures and this is where Alex Rambles was born. My YouTube channel features adventure across the UK and beyond. An avid writer, I also attempt to capture the emotion of time spent in the high places. Currently, I am a working with the hiking app komoot on guides for various hiking regions in the UK and abroad. I am the editor of The London Mountaineer - the magazine of the London Mountaineering Club. As well as this, I have written for Lakeland Walker and for online magazine Adventures Mag. For information on the range of professional services I can offer, click on the link in the top right. You can follow me on Instagram @alexrambles


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