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Kilian Jornet

Films featuring the Spanish ultra-runner and mountaineer Kilian Jornet, a personal hero of mine.

A superb short film showing Kilian Jornet in his element, running spectacular mountain ridges in his new homeland - Norway's Romsdahl region. Stunning GoPro footage is combined with Seb Montaz's usual fantastic footage to create a three minutes of pure mountain joy.

Running Ridges

In this film Kilian sets out into his Norwegian backyard to traverse a series of high ridges in the Romsdahl mountains. Interestingly he documents what he takes, when he uses it and how long he spends on the go. It is a more personal and intimate film, mostly seeing the world through the lense of Kilian's GoPro as he struggles with fatigue and the environment.

A Long Day Out

Kilian Jornet's list of achievements is nothing short of super human. His light and fast ascents of some of the World's most iconic mountains have left jaws on the floor. His has climbed the Matterhorn in less than two hours, climbed to the summit of Mt Blanc and back to Chamonix TWICE in one day, dominated the World of mountain running, winning the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc on three occasions (just to name a few of his feats). He is at the very vanguard of a modern revolution of how people interact with the mountain environment. This Salomon film follows Kilian on yet another of his ambitious challenges: to conquer the seven summits of Romsdalen (Norway) in a single day, covering almost fifty miles with an elevation gain of 9000 metres - that is a greater elevation gain than doing Everest from sea level.


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