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The highest mountain in Wales is so impressive that they named an entire national park after it. In fact, I was stunned by the majesty of not just the parent peak, but the entire Snowdon family, which forms a immense and beautiful natural amphitheatre around the waters of Glaslyn and Llyn Llydaw. Towering over the waters are the sheer twin peaks of Y Lliwedd; Snowdon herself (complete with train station and cafe); mighty Crib Y Ddysgl and the ominous, infamous and undoubtedly spectacular Crib Goch - with its knife like arete and jagged rock towers. On Monday 25th July 2016, it was Crib Goch that captured my imagination as I scrambled my way up it and then, as the heavens opened to make matters all the more challenging, made my way along the ridge. In the wind and rain I befriended two other solo ramblers (both named Steve) and we pressed on to complete the stunning circuit that is The Snowdon Horseshoe.

The Snowdon Horseshoe

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